Labels for flowers, mills and flour.
Labels and tags made of plastic for the identification of flowers and plants, cereals and the type of flour.
Fire extinguisher service labels
Fire extinguisher service labels for inspections and manteinance of extinguishers, fire hydrant, fire door, etc. ...
Labels for auto recycler
Labels and tags for the identification of used car parts, car breakers, car disposal, car transplants, etc. ..
Tickets for volumetric flow meters
Tickets, bills and invoices for volumetric flow meters of diesel, gasoline and LPG.
Labels for bait stations
Tipoesse is an Italian company specialized in the production of plastic signs, cards and labels for the monitoring of rodents, insects and birds, to identify and log bait stations.
Ecology & Waste Recovery
Tipoesse offers a various range of tags and labels to identify the recovery of waste with ecologic solutions
Building and Iron Industry
Tipoesse is specialized in producing a big variety of plastic tags and labels: heavy duty tags for identification systems printable with laser printers, for rebar identification
Tipoesse offers a good choice of tags and labels made of plastic to hang or to nail, for wood identification
Industrial Painting
Plastic tag and labels for industrial painting
Metallurgy and Mechanical
Tipoesse is specialised in the production of plastic tags and adhesive labels to identify semi-finished items, wires, tubes, pipes and zinc constructions..
Weighing Tickets
Tipoesse is one of the main producer of weighing tickets in Italy, it has started producing weighing tickets in the late 1960, for electronic and mechanical weighbridges, in rolls and thermal paper, with a big variety of models and sizes.
Tipoesse always cared about the details of its products: evaluating carefully the accessorizes in combination with plastic tags and labels. Choose the best product to write, mark, punch or codify
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COVID-19 Labels
Labels for the identification of dangerous and forbidden situations because of the Covid-19 emergency.