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Plastic sheets for 'Print&Go' laser printers

Plastic sheets for laser printers, 250 pcs.


What is it: plastic sheet kit for laser printers for the identification of rebar and precast iron.

Material: durable, tear-resistant white plastic, ideal for printing with any laser printer. They can be used outdoors due to their resistance to sun and rain.

Use: to hang with accessories.

Data: free space (as pictured), for stand-alone printing with laser printer.

Features: ready-made package, with free space for printing.


Product info

Single sheet A4 size mm. 210x297, consisting of 8 pre-drilled cards to be torn off with 1 hole per card. Single card size: 105x74.25.

What you will receive in your Starter Kit:

• 250 A4 plastic sheets divided into 8 cards (tot. 2,000 cards)


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