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STARTER KIT - pvc number stickers

25 sheets (2.250 issues)


STARTER KIT Number Stickers
What it is: adhesive sheet number kit for numbering monitoring stations, indicating the numbering of fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment, or for numbering any other items and/or controls for your work activity.

Material: white adhesive pvc in pre-cut sheets for single issue, black printing.

Use: adhesive, for numbering wall post signs or trap labels or numbering fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment.

Data: range of numbers from 0 to 9 (2,250 number)

ready-made package containing 25 sheets corresponding to 2,250 adhesive numbers.


Product info

Single adhesive number size mm. 16x24 in sheets of 90 labels

What you will receive in your Starter Kit:
• 2.250 sticker numbers (set up in 25 sheets)
FREE TRANSPORT for shipments within Italy, including islands.

Article also available in YELLOW PVC

If you would like to order the Yellow Number Sticker Kit, at the "customer data" section enter your request in the NOTES field.

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