12 December 2022

Tipoesse sponsor of the Conference in Rome

On 5 November 2021, a conference organised by A.N.I.D. on 'Pest Management and the Protection of Museum and Architectural Heritage' was held at the Basilica San Paolo Fuori le Mura in Rome.

Opening the dances were Marco Benedetti, the President of the National Association of Pest Control Companies and Marco A. Bologna, President of the Italian Entomological Society, who provided the large audience with many insights and insights that generated many interventions throughout the conference, actively involving experts in the field.

A nationally renowned event, but also an international one, so much so that it had the honour of hosting Pascal Querner from the National History Museum in Vienna, who illustrated and explored: the new challenges in the identification and management of different families of pests in museums; the maintenance and protection of works; the remediation of environments and strategies for an innovative structured pest control method.

Other speakers on the day included: Sara Savoldelli who is a researcher at the University of Milan in the Department of Animal, Nature and Environmental Sciences, and an expert in general entomology.
Ezio Peri, Professor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Palermo.
Alessandro Rubechini, head of the Conservation, Restoration and Bookbinding Laboratory of the Vatican Apostolic Archive.
Ulderico Santamaria of the Vatican Museum Scientific Laboratories; Davide Di Domenico Pest Manager.
Alessandro Sidoti of the National Central Library of Florence.
Finally, Felicia Menicucci from the CNR in Florence and Pasquale Trematerra from the University of Molise.

Tipoesse is honoured to have participated in the event as a sponsor, displaying all its Pest Control Signs and Labels, because with a common commitment we can make a difference.

We would like to thank the A.N.I.D. organisation for their welcome, courtesy and helpfulness, but above all for having planned a get-together of associates, in which a lot of information and insights on the topic were exchanged.


Thank you all and see you next time!

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