19 December 2022

Get your Fire Tags & Labels up to date

On Sunday 25 September 2022, the new
Fire Control Decree stipulating
"General criteria for the control and maintenance of installations, equipment and
other fire safety systems"

Tipoesse, following the new legislation, strongly urges to update as soon as possible their own Fire Service Tags & Labels,in such a way that, in the short term, they comply with the rules set out in Ministerial Decree 01/09/2021.

As a leading company, we always ensure maximum reliability, guaranteeing Fire Protection Tags & Labels 100% Made in Italy, high quality and customisable with logo, graphics and dimensions.


In addition, this decree focuses on three main aspects that describe the management of fire-fighting systems/equipment in more detail:

Qualified technician
All maintenance and inspection work on systems, equipment and other fire safety measures must be carried out exclusively by qualified maintenance technicians.

Register of controls
Employers will have to prepare a special register in which to record periodic checks and maintenance work carried out. It must be constantly updated and available to the control bodies.

Fire-fighting equipment, installations and safety systems must be regularly monitored by the workers normally present, who are adequately instructed, by means of appropriate checklists.

For more detailed information, download the Decree.

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