13 December 2022

Tipoesse sponsor of Convegno a Rimini

Thursday 02 and Friday 03 December 2021 was held at the Palacongressi of Rimini, a seminar addressed to the"Integrated and sustainable mosquito management",organised by Sinergitech and by A.I.D.P.I., Association of Italian Professional Pest Control Companies.

The seminar discussed the status of product developments and techniques for larvicidal and adulticidal monitoring and control of mosquitoes, with a focus on the use of repellent products, from climate change to the role of quality control on pest control services. All this without forgetting the important and non-trivial impact of all these mosquito control activities on biodiversity. Regional and local experiences of prevention and control were illustrated with public awareness projects, new and increasingly innovative techniques that can be applied, and tools to further qualify professional pest control companies.

Tipoesse was present as sponsor with a wide range of Signs and Labels quality Made in Italy for Pest Control.

Download here the full programme


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