20 December 2022

A greener and more sustainable future

This year we decided to dedicate ourselves to nature, to become part of a project outside our industry that would give us the opportunity to protect the environment and aim for a greener future.

For us, it is not only important, but necessary.
During the year, as a printer we have a high paper usage and to compensate for this,
for the Christmas holidays, we decided to rely on Treedom

We want a greener and fairer Planet.
So, what better way than to plant trees?

Treedom gives the possibility to grow them at a distance in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy;
are planted directly by local farmers and help produce beneficial
environmental, social and economic.

The trees will be photographed, geolocated and have their own online page,
where they can follow the story of the project they will be part of.

Watch now HERE

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